101 Handdrawn Floral Borders

101 Handdrawn Floral Borders


Welcome to the ninth installment of my hand drawn elements collection! Filled with 101 floral borders, this kit is so useful for anything from invitations, to banner designs, to posters. The possibilities really are endless!

The bundle is made up of 101 hand drawn flower borders, split into the following groups:

  • 11 straight tiling borders

  • 10 inward facing circular borders

  • 10 outward facing circular borders

  • 10 inward facing square borders

  • 10 outward facing square borders

  • 10 inward facing oval borders

  • 10 outward facing oval borders

  • 10 inward facing rectangular borders

  • 10 outward facing rectangular borders

  • 10 outward facing triangular borders

I have a long happy history in graphic design, so i know that when a designer needs a border there are so many parameters that limit what they can use. The designer that needs a border for the edges of a wedding invitation more than likely will need a rectangle that is inward facing. A basic straight tiling border isnt always helpful because they need to then spend hours assembling the finicky corner bits themselves. On the other hand, someone who would like to add some springy florals popping out behind a circular shield on a poster will need an outward facing design that doesnt encroach on the text inside the shield too much. It's because of this ive made sure to include inward & outward facing designs in the bundle along with a little set of straight borders for the times when you need something a little simpler!

All the borders in the bundle come in infinitely scaleable EPS format. But dont worry if you dont have access to vector editing software, I've also included a layered PSD file with each of the elements included as a custom shape. This means you can get all the benefits of vector files without owning vector software!


  • 1 x fully editable EPS file with all elements grouped individually

  • 1 x fully editable PSD file with all elements included as indivudual custom shapes

  • 1 x text file explaining basic editing steps for photoshop & illustrator newbies

  • 101 x black on transparent PNG files


  • fully editable colours

  • infinitely resizable vector files

  • well organized layers

  • suitable for premade logo designs

  • useable for everything from business cards to signage.

In order to edit these files you will need Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or a software that is compatible with transparent PNG files installed on your machine.

This kit comes with a standard clipart license included. To view the terms of this license please click here.

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