Free Handdrawn Wildflower Logo

Theres no better way to welcome in November & those dark evenings, than spending some extra time sprucing up your branding. Giving your little etsy store or craft market stall a new look with something more refined and polished will pay dividends when those Christmas sales start rolling in!

With that in mind, ive taken a little time aside this month to prepare a lovely FREE logo template for you all. You can download it below & use it for free on your small business. I’ve chosen a wildflower theme for this design, but dont worry if flowers arent your cup of tea, ive lots more hand drawn logo templates available in the store, or simply change out the graphic above for a more suitable doodle from one of my 101 Logo Element Bundles.

The template files above come in EPS & PSD formats. What this means is that you need to have some working knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator to edit the files. But dont worry, you dont need to be a maestro to tackle these logos, simply open the file & using your type tool, click on the text layer you want to edit. Then clear out the old text and add your own. You can even add colour like i have done in Sample No. 2 if you like!

THE NITTY GRITTY ( aka. license terms )

  1. This license enables you to use the above design as a logo to advertise your own business. You can use it for your social media branding, your online store, stickers, tags, your website, your van, signage etc. But you cannot simply extract the graphic from the design and use that on its own for random graphic design purposes like premade logos, prints, fabric designs, cushions etc.

  2. You cannot redistribute this logo in any digital way, ie. as a freebie on your own site, as a logo option to clients, as a digital printable, as a piece of clipart etc.

  3. You cannot sell this logo, ie. as a premade logo, print or printable in your store.

  4. You cannot claim this logo as your own work or the work of someone else except me.

  5. This logo is offered as a free branding option to small businesses. If your business is established enough that you can afford even 1 employee then please support your local designer and commission a custom logo from them instead.

  6. This logo will not be individual to your business, it will be downloaded by many people all over the world. Because of this you cannot trademark or copyright the design. The copyright of this logo will remain with me.