How To Add a Gold Overlay To Your Logo in Photoshop

Hey everyone! This is my very first ever tutorial, so please be kind. I coughed in the middle of making it, so if this is offputting to you i would recommend looking for a cough-free tutorial instead :) This tutorial shows you how to apply a metallic gold texture to one of my PSD logo templates, or any PSD logo template really :)

Things you need to use this tutorial:

  • photoshop

  • a psd logo template

  • a JPG or PNG gold texture that is larger than your logo

The logo template featured in this tutorial is available here. It is one of 18 logo templates included in 'Feminine Hand Drawn Logos Vol. 6' . They come in both PSD & EPS formats & cost €11 for the set.

If you do not have a nice gold texture in your collection, i recommend looking for one on Unsplash.