Type Layouts Vol. 5

Type Layouts Vol. 5


Welcome to my fifth Text Layouts Collection!

As a graphic designer i know how important type layouts can be. They can make or break a proofing board & the trick to making them look high end and elegant can sometimes feel like a form of witchcraft. Because of this i have compiled 20 of my favourites here in this little collection. I've included a good mix of round and stacked designs using all free fonts & i've even left room for little graphics if needed.

Use them to flesh out proofing boards for new clients, or even to provide quick logo variation options when you have moved on to that stage of your branding project. You can even use them on business cards, signage, anywhere really that good clean type is needed!

All the layouts in the bundle come in infinitely scaleable EPS formats. But dont worry if you dont have access to vector editing software, I've also included a layered PSD file for each one that you can easily customise too!

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